Island Passion


Tasty blend of  curry and traditional jerk flavors.  We carefully added Ashwagandha root for natural stress relief.

BBQ Bomb


Sweet and Savory explosive flavor with the brain boosting benefit of Lion's Mane.

Oceans Essence


Perfect for your "meatless Mondays" . Familiar seafood flavor with added essence from the ocean.  Kelp, Nori, seamoss, bladderwrack and burdock root make it a perfect mineral boost.

Mary Green's


All purpose blend for your favorite green vegetables.  Packed with flavor.

Pharm to Soul


Salt-free all purpose blend with Black Seed. Perfect for any dish



Any blend


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About us

Ken-Do Spice is an exclusive brand for cooks at any level that want to create flavorful dishes with healing benefits that satisfy the body and soul.

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