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Meet CEO Shani Smith

Allow me to introduce the heart and soul of Ken-Do Spice—Shani Smith. I wear many hats: international author, entrepreneur, TV show co-host, and culinary expert with over three decades of experience. My culinary journey took an unexpected turn as a dementia caregiver for my mother, where I discovered the incredible power of food to deliver supplements. God gave me this profound insight born from a challenging circumstance and it became the inspiration behind Ken-Do Spice. It's a name that pays homage to my earliest memories in the kitchen, crafted in honor of my father, Kenny "Ken-Do" Bond.


Ken-Do Spice emerged from the desire to make the transformative power of food accessible to cooks of all levels. Each spice blend in our collection is a masterpiece, thoughtfully enriched with the natural health benefits of herbs and minerals. The beauty lies in their completeness; there's no need for additional spices. We're here to not only enhance your meals but also save you valuable time and money.


But Ken-Do Spice isn't merely a spice company; it's a culinary movement. We're committed to infusing flavor into your life and infusing your dishes with the goodness of healing herbs. Join us on this delectable journey, where every meal becomes an expression of joy, wellness, and the art of savoring life. Experience Ken-Do Spice for yourself, and discover how it can elevate your culinary adventures today. 

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