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Introducing our delectable Salt-Free Sweet and Savory Blend with a special touch of Lions Mane mushroom powder to enhance your culinary experience and provide a brain-boosting twist. This thoughtfully crafted blend is designed to be used as a rub or sprinkled on after preparation, offering a unique flavor profile that will leave your taste buds wanting more.


Our Salt-Free Sweet and Savory Blend is meticulously created to strike a perfect balance between sweet and savory notes, elevating the taste of your favorite dishes without the need for added sodium. With this blend, you can enjoy a healthier alternative while still savoring the rich and delightful flavors. One of the key ingredients in our blend is Lions Mane mushroom powder, renowned for its potential cognitive benefits. Lions Mane mushrooms have long been used in traditional medicine for their reputed ability to support brain function and mental clarity. By incorporating this exceptional ingredient, we provide you with not only a delicious seasoning but also a potential boost for your brain health. Perfect for everyday use! Goes great on ribs, chicken, fries, salmon, and grilled veggies to name a few.

BBQ Bomb

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